ESWL (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy)

Suffering from renal and ureteric stones but are scared of surgery ?
The best way to avoid surgery in troublesome renal and ureteric stones Involves generation of shockwaves through a shockwave generator which are focussed onto the stones which pulverizes them into smaller fragments, which the body canthen expulse spontaneously. It is a non invasive modality.

Kidney Hospital has 2 ESWL machines for this modality of treatment including the best machine in the world - Dornier Lithotripter from Germany . 2000 + happy patients over 20 years are a testament to this wonderful technique.

  • Totally Non Invasive
  • No Anaesthesia
  • No Admission
  • No cut on the body
  • No Pain
  • Return home and/or to work on the same day