Retained DJ Stent

September 15, 2020 | Dr. Damanbir Singh Chahal

DJ (Double J) stenting is a procedure in which a coiled stent is placed through an endoscope into the urinary tract of the patient, One end of the stent is in the kidney and the lower end of the stent remains in the bladder. Stent allows unobstructed flow of urine from kidney to the bladder and is very useful in urinary tract obstruction and/or urinary tract infections.

Case Report - A 56 year old male underwent an open operation for kidney stone 20 years back at a private hospital and a DJ stent was placed at the end of the procedure. Patient and attendants were explained about the need of removal of DJ stent after 14 days by the concerned surgeon, However due to personal issues patient could not come to get the DJ stent removed. Due to the retained DJ stent , encrustations started forming on the surface of the DJ stent which over the period of time converted into large stones.

This patient came to Kidney Hospital Jalandhar with complaint of fever and chills. On evaluation he was found to have kidney infection related to retained DJ stent and stones.

Due to complexity of the case , the treatment of this patient was done in Three stages :

First Stage - Placement of a drainage tube inside kidney for control of infection (PCN insertion)
Second Stage - Endoscopic removal of urinary bladder stones ( No cut on the body , The whole operation was done via urinary tract with the use of the latest endoscope.
Third Stage - Endoscopic removal of ureteric and kidney stone along with removal of the retained stent.

Now the patient is completely stone free with normal function of the involved Kidney.